What happened to good old medicine??

Jun 23, 2022 | Better Care

Just like cheaper is not always better, in the same wayfaster is not always better either. Yes we want to be served in a timely manner, but are you tired of the fast food medicine mentality that I run into all the time? Patient go in to see their primary care doctor who hardly spends any time with them, and if they do see them, they are on the tablet and computer and hard look at the patient with eye contact. Not listening to what you as a patient are saying. And then you are referred to a specialist, who is supposed to sort out your problem or shed light on the problem. But you see the receptionist- you see the nurse- you see the PA or the nurse practitioner and maybe if you are lucky, you see the doctor for 3-5 minutes. I see this a lot. I ask the patient. Did you see the specialist. Yes is the answer. What did he or she say? Well they hardly spoke to me. I do not know? Are you tired of that? Are you tired of not being able to ask your questions? Fear no longer. At Family Medical Center Dr Heldzinger spends time with each patient and the average time for a visit is 30 min per patient for simple problems and an hour consultation for more complex problems You will find compassionate care and you will experience being listened to and validated. This is what we specialize in at Family Medical Center. This is a low volume high caring clinic where where we take time with each idividual patient. Our commitment is that you are more than a mere statistic or number. You are a human being with limitless potential and highly valued by God. Your wellbeing is our highest priority and you will be treated as such.

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