Importance of Truth

Jun 23, 2022 | COVID-19

We all deserve the truth in every area of our lives. That means in our finances, marriages and yes, our health as well. Once again, I just want to mention the importance of truth in all relationships. Without it no relationships are possible. You cannot build any relationship on lies. So it is very, very important in your Doctor/patient relationships too. So many doctors even lie to their patients, especially in Oncology and end of life issues and terminal illnesses. Everyone deserves to know the truth, even if that truth means they have a terminal illness that will most likely cause their premature death. There are so few people in the world anymore, that are people of integrity. What does integrity mean? It means that you are the same in front of people and behind their backs. In the daylight and in the dark. When everyone can see you and also when no one sees you. It means there is no duplicity in your life. It is much like an ice berg. Just 10% is visible above the waterline but underneath there is 90% that no one can see. What kind of a person are you under and below the waterline? Where no one can really see. Are you the same person you sell yourself to be on face book, than you are in real life? These are very, very profound questions.

Right now, we are in the middle of a health crisis in the world and in America. Or is it really a health crisis? The media and government bodies has taken this whole COVID-19 issue and created a major fear campaign amongst people all over the world. Statistics change daily. Numbers and predictions changes almost by the hour. This has been driven to the point where people are willing to give up very basic rights of life not to contract this illness. But, unfortunately, the real issue and cause is not addressed. Are we being lied too? Are we being taken for a ride? Is all what we hear about COVID -19 the TRUTH? So much information has been spread around since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that everyone is filled with fear. And most people are willing to obey and willing to do anything that anyone is telling them, to avoid infection and obviously death. But is COVID -19 infection equal to death? Is this realistic and further more, is all of this true and accurate? People are willing to give up basic rights to social distance. People are getting aggressive towards others. People call the authorities on each other without having their facts straight and people are reacting out of fear in very aggressive and unkind ways towards their neighbors and friends and even family. I think it is very, very important for us to not just to take everything that anyone tells us as fact and obey blindly. If people get scared enough, then you can pretty much do with them what you want and they will obey you.

We need to remain thinking people and not be paralyzed by fear and act irrationally. In the same way you get a second opinion on a doctors consultation sometimes and you get more than one quote before you purchase something or have a work done at your home. In the same way we also need to read and check up for ourselves from various sources to determine the accuracy of everything that is being done right now in the name of COVID -19. Right now the trust of people in the government and politicians and in the medical establishment, speaking through the mouth of Big Pharma is very low and people are beginning to doubt the legitimacy of everything that is being said. The facts are not adding up on the scientific side and on the medical side of things and the media is fueling more and more fear amongst people.

My purpose as a medical doctor is to be there for you, the patient, with accurate and truthful facts and information on the real health issues regarding the COVID -19 situation we find ourselves in. I cannot advise you on the political issues surrounding this crisis. I cannot advise you regarding the economic issues surrounding COVID. And I certainly will not tell you to disobey the government rulings and laws and mandates. But you can ask questions and contact you local state and government representatives and express your concerns regarding fear and lies being told to the people of this nation.

Let’s be alert and awake and let’s think for ourselves and double check and triple check and get objective opinions on everything before we take a position. And most of all lets us not just go and lie down and give up our rights as Americans just because anxiety and fear rules the masses through the media.

If anyone has any questions regarding COVID-19 and other health issues, or you are suffering from anxiety and/or fear and even depression because of all of this, please feel free to call for an appointment at 423-827-4705 or go on line to and request an appointment on line.

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